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Madame Gray

Ambitious, determined and goal getter are just a few words that describes C.E.O Madame Gray. Academically, she has received an A.A.S in Paralegal Studies, B.S. in Legal Studies and Certified in Life and Business Coaching. Professionally she holds a Notary  Seal and has worked as a  Paralegal for just over 10 years. Madame also participates in empowerment speaking events for young ladies, women empowerment and business breakout sessions.

These qualities is what motivated her to take the preverbal cliff jump into entrepreneurship in 2015.  With some bumps and bruises along the way, she successfully relaunched in 2016. With her combined legal background and business knowledge the business quickly bloomed. So, in the following years she successfully  did it 5 more times and the rest is history.  

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